McCall Farms is one of America’s leading producers of farm-fresh canned vegetables and fruit, and has been cultivating food for more than 177 years in Effingham, SC. Established in 1954 with a 2,000 acre farm, McCall Farms today employs over 1,000 people in its 900,000 square foot manufacturing facility. Our family-owned and operated company produces a wide variety of Southern-style products under four major brands, all of which are sold nationwide.


    What started with a vision of providing authentic soul food in a can, Glory Foods has grown to become the leading retail brands of Southern-style vegetables in the country.  Click the Glory Foods logo to access our Glory Foods retail website.


    In the early 1930s, Ed Holmes of Sandersville, Georgia began canning white acre peas and squash in his kitchen. After being acquired by McCall Farms in 1985, the brand has grown to include a wide variety of Southern-style fruits and vegetables.  Click the Margaret Holmes logo to access our Margaret Holmes retail website.

  • PP_Logo


    McCall Farms has been boiling and canning homegrown green peanuts for generations, and Peanut Patch is the #1 brand of boiled peanuts in the world. Click the Peanut Patch logo to access our Peanut Patch retail website.


    Using only the freshest sweet potatoes from nearby farms, Bruce’s Yams are triple-peeled and canned within hours of harvesting. It’s no wonder why Bruce’s Yams are the #1 selling brand in America!  Click the Bruce’s Yams logo to access our Bruce’s Yams retail website.

  • Allens

    Like southern hospitality, Allens has been passed down from generation to generation. Since 1926, our products have been a part of making memories at family gatherings. Our history is what makes meals made with Allens feel like home. Click Allens logo to access our Allens retail website.

  • Allens popeye

    When you think spinach, you think Popeye! Only the highest quality, most nutritious and best-tasting spinach is good enough to carry the Popeye name. That’s why every can is committed to making strong bodies and happy tummies. Great in a variety of recipes, Popeye Spinach is always a smart choice when it comes to feeding your family. It’s an easy and affordable way to pack valuable nutrients into mealtime. Click the Popeye logo to access our Popeye retail website.

  • VeG-all

    Veg-All has been serving up memories for families all over the country since 1926. Throughout the years, our original seven-veggie blend has become a trusted ingredient that has inspired family favorite recipes for generations. See for yourself why so many families trust Veg-All at their dinner tables. Click the Veg-All logo to access our Veg-All retail website.

  • princella

    Princella’s rich history began with a simple idea: offer the best quality sweet potatoes to families around the country. Since 1962 in Princeville, Illinois we have been providing delicious sweet potatoes that are a versatile addition to treasured family recipes and traditions. High in nutrients, our sweet potatoes are a convenient way to serve something special that tastes like home sweet home. Click the Princella logo to access our Princella retail website.

  • Trappey’s

    Real. Cajun. Style.
    Trappey’s Authentic blend of Cajun herbs and spices make every bite taste like a trip to Bayou Country.
    Flavored By Us. Savored Bayou!